Bark collars, the pound pick your idea of cruelty

Published 5:23 pm Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To the Editor:

As per Gail Barnes letter entitled How Cruel Can You Get (Dec. 11, in sharp response to my Rasp, Rasp, Rasp letter of the previous week): &bsp;

If Ms. Barnes really wishes to learn about true cruelty to animals she can readily find myriad heart-wrenching examples on the internet.

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Had Ms. Barnes correctly interpreted my letter she would understand that the laryngectomy performed upon my brothers dog was an act of love rather than cruelty.

Bark collars work by inflicting discomfort via an electric shock or piercing sound. The other option was The Pound. Pick your perception of cruelty.

The loving acts of spaying and neutering are also invasive procedures which deprive animals of a major part of their very essence. This pragmatically solves the problem of overpopulation, even though chain-link kennels would suffice and negate the need for such cruel procedures.

Please support The Foothills Humane Society in their pursuit of the humane treatment of animals. One of our billy goats and two of our cats were adopted there!

Charles Wolff