Oil is a very useful resource

Published 7:51 pm Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To the Editor:

I read with interest and amazement Dr. Rita Rimmers letter to the editor in the 12/04/09 issue of the Tryon Daily Bulletin titled Torture is wrong.

She wants to investigate Bush, Rumsfield, Cheney and Rice for an illegal war in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was taken out of power, do you remember him, he tortured and killed thousands and thousands of Iraqis and Kurds? There were no more attacks on U.S. soil until the Ft. Hood massacre. What about Obama and his war in Afghanistan, is it legal, what is a legal war?

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She further stated that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times, would you rather be waterboarded 183 times or a passenger on an airliner flown into the World Trade Center? Would you rather be waterboarded 183 times or have a video of you surface on the web of some hooded Al Queda zealot sawing your head off with a dull sword?

Dr. Rimmer again slams the Republican party, associating them with oil. I suggest Dr. Rimmer that since you object to oil so vehemently you should refrain from using any product that is manufactured either directly or indirectly from oil or one of its by products. What that would mean is that you would have to live naked in a cave and hunt for food using sticks and rocks.

Oil is a very useful resource. We simply cannot exist in our accustomed way of life without it, even if all of our electricity were generated from wind and solar energy the components for these mechanisms are manufactured using oil or one of its by-products.

Danny Hutcherson