Phillip finds a home

Published 7:10 pm Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Every once in a while a special case strikes the heart of a whole community. Some that come to mind are Stevie (the Tryon stray), Kona (the wonder dog), Pippi (the emaciated Boxer) and little Dusty, to name a few. Often the names are changed once theyre adopted, but well stay with original names for now. &bsp;

Our latest such case was Phillip from Miracles still happen.&bsp; To refresh memories, Phillip was found on the side of the road in a bag in which five of his siblings were already dead and decomposing. He was days old and so tiny; the photo of him depicted Paula (his foster parent) holding him in the cup of her hands. It took nearly a week for him just to open his eyes.

I was constantly deluged with inquiries on his welfare as he grew larger and stronger.&bsp; He was constantly held, fed and played with and it seemed a whole community had a stake in his well being. In this environment, Phillip grew like a weed, gaining a pound or two each week and was nearly ten pounds upon adoption.

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Phillip (who is now Chewy), because there are two other Phils in the family, now resides on a horse farm in Asheville. Lauren Nabors and her family are thoroughly delighted with him and have sent a wonderful email telling how much hes loved. The best parts of the message were how Harley, a larger female, has become his personal toy and how she loves it.

He has lots of toys and canine companionship, but prefers Harleys legs and ears.&bsp; Next was the promise that when she visits the area once a month, she will bring Phillip (Chewy) with her. Best of all was the very last linethank you sooo much for the chance to have this little guy in our lives and give him a forever home. Now thats what its all about.

Ive read and recently viewed a story entitled A dog named Christmas. If you havent seen or read this story, you should put it on your agenda. It is the best depiction of a small shelter packed with dogs and a young man with a special dog, teaching a small community the meaning of Christmas where these poor animals are concerned.

Christmas time is rapidly approaching as we prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle, the birth of our Lord. It would be wonderful if you could visit the shelter and spend some&bsp; time with some of Gods most beautiful creations.&bsp; Maybe you could even give one a forever home.

If you do, I just know our good Lord will smile down upon you. Have a blessed Christmas and as always

Thanks for listening.~ Special Cases written by Leonard Rizzo