Going Rogue by Sarah Palin

Published 3:36 pm Monday, December 7, 2009

To the Editor:

Sarah Palin is a liberals worst nightmare. She is that rare bird, a Republican with charisma. Forget all those petty attacks by the media; this book brings&bsp; out the real woman.

Her political career started as a council member in Wasilla, Alaska, a town with 10,000 inhabitants. She was always for fiscal restraint, and opposed a&bsp; pay raise for the mayor. It was passed without her. She soon was in the mayors shoes, and&bsp; promptly cancelled the raise. She ran her office on a tight budget and emphasized improving infrastructure over expansion. She opposed an involuntary annexation, but it passed over her veto. She campaigned for the current governor and was considered for Lieutenant Governor, but not chosen.

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A good friend persuaded her to run for Governor against the corrupt administration in&bsp; power. She won with nearly half the votes in a six-way race. Her first&bsp; task was to pass a strong ethics bill. Her next triumph was the Alaska Gasoline Inducement Act. She corrected the Petroleum Profits Tax with a system called ACES, Alaskas Clear and Equitable Share. She slashed the states request for Federal funding, known as pork, by 85 percent. She considered the previous governors jet to be extravagant and sold it. She also eliminated her state vehicle and governors chef. Exxon-Mobil had been sitting on leases for years, refusing to drill. Sarah canceled the leases and put them up for bids.

This got the oil flowing and money into the state coffers. When Sarah was chosen to be the Vice Presidential candidate, she was vetted. They billed her $50,000 for that. She was at constant odds with the&bsp; campaign committee. The called her a rogue. They never turned her loose to challenge the false statements the Democrats were using. The liberals kept submitting ethics violations, which she had to defend in court at her own expense. This came to over $500,000 and was one of the major reasons she resigned the governorship.

Reading this book will give you insight into the sleaziness of political campaigns. There has been much nit picking of this book, but no one has challenged her truthfulness.

Joe Jackan