Tryons Arbogast asks for input on annexation

Published 8:19 pm Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Newly elected Tryon Councilman Doug Arbogast is seeking public input to weigh the towns decision on involuntary annexation.

The Bulletin recently posed questions to all council members regarding how they would vote if a motion to rescind the towns current annexation was made and at the time Arbogast answered that he would vote for the current annexation. He is now seeking input about the annexation from in-town residents as well as residents in the annexation areas of Gillette Woods, Country Club Road and the Harmon Field area. Following is Arbogast’s request for input:

“I am interested in hearing from the townspeople regarding their thoughts on annexation as well as the residents in the proposed area of annexation.&bsp; This issue has divided the town.&bsp; In an effort to start re-uniting the inner and outer circles I am asking your opinion and participation regarding this issue. I am keeping an open mind regarding this and will make my decision after I examine your responses. You must either be a resident of the town of Tryon or a resident in the proposed area to be annexed, your responses must be civil, one response per resident, please include name and address and if you are a town resident or in an area of proposed annexation. If you are in the proposed annex area you must include the dollar amount you will have to pay either annually or monthly (this can be calculated by taking ten minutes and visiting the town hall they will help you determine the amounts.) I figure if I can devote time for the next four years to the town, you can take ten minutes and get the real numbers on your property.

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“Please send the requested information to

“I am instituting a deadline of December 31 for this information to be sent so I have time to share and review it.”

Doug Arbogast