So thankful for St. Lukes Hospital

Published 7:38 pm Friday, November 27, 2009

To the Editor:

My Dad and I are recent additions to this lovely community. Tryon is a little slice of heaven, for sure.

For the past few weeks, my Dad has been going to St. Lukes for a series of epidural shots. He has been receiving these shots for many years due to a bad back. They work wonders for him and enable him to live a decent, ambulatory life. I want to praise all involved. From our personal doctor, Dr. John Kornmayer, to Dr. Rosenberg, to each and every one of the hospital staff.

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We both had never experienced such thorough, caring, knowledgeable, friendly, respectful and attentive professionals! Each one has done their best to provide him with wonderful care. Last year while visiting, Dad had to go to the Emergency Room at St. Lukes as well and then too he had the best of care.

We are so pleased we have such a hospital as this nearby. What a good feeling to know you will experience such good care.

Ray Froehlich