Harmon Field happy faces

Published 7:39 pm Friday, November 27, 2009

To the Editor:

Big yellow bus and PCTA van roll to a stop,

Laughter and joyous chatter as kids disembark,

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With backpacks sagging from their shoulders,

Harmon Field happy faces have arrived!

The quietness is accentuated by scribbling pencils;

Then suddenly from a desk comes a shout of delight

My homework is all done for this day,

And Harmon Field happy faces rush out to play!

Aw, Mom! you hear it called in dismay,

Must I really leave now? It cant be the close of today!

With relief the moms return for their kids,

As they, too, share in Harmon Field happy faces!

After school, teacher work days, half days off,

And school holidays all posted on harmonfield.com,

Your children can also come out and share the fun,

And they will become one of the Harmon Field happy faces

Lorna Rae Dever