Thankful heart has reasons

Published 8:54 pm Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In answer to the Age of Reason, about the year 1650, the French writer Blaise Pascal pointed to the limits of our minds. What can we know? The world is beyond comprehension, both infinitely large and infinitely small. Life itself is inexplicable. How did inanimate matter ever become conscious of itself? Atheistic reasonings are only a different brand of faith. But based on what? Leading where? To any hope? The heart is a better guide.

The heart has reasons that reason cannot know, Pascal said. Our hearts seek reason for hope, yet hope is difficult when reason says there is no peace. When every day brings fresh warnings in a world of hate and destruction. Our own country seems lumbering and disjointed, unable to find its center and move, either forward or back, mired in partisan strife, distrust and despair. In even our own backyards, in our own souls, we see endless examples of selfishness, one against all, barking dogs driving sleepless anxiety.

There is no Shangri La in human history to which to refer for guidance. The story of mankind is an ugly one, with but a few examples of fallible, yet soaring spirit and intellect, each brief rise inevitably followed by a fall back into chaos and void. All but one.

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By this odd twist, there is in a moment the realization of so much to be thankful for: life, breath, health, love. In a poll, the Bulletin staff gives its thanks this year for all those things that offer solace &bsp; family and friends, good health, employment: Chris, for all the little things that we share with loved ones. Malia for a small town that always welcomes her back. Barbara, for a beautiful place, productive work and a recovering economy. Jason for his wife, health and mercies new every morning. Mike, for Gods love and all lifes experiences. Pam, for friends, home, animals and this country. Judy, for a close family of elderly parents, brothers, a daughter and four beautiful grandchildren. Peace. JB