Communism is close behind

Published 8:59 pm Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To the Editor:

This is in answer to Mr. David Bivens comments on my October article about czars.

When I think of czars Im reminded of czar Nicholas II of Russia who abdicated in 1917 and soon after was executed with his entire family. This may have been the inspiration for the movie, Dr. Zhivago. I dont know.

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As for baseball or boxing czars, they can call themselves whatever they like. Thats their prerogative. They can have a ping pong czar as far as Im concerned. However, a czar is a king or ruler and I think the government could use something a little more Americana than a czar. I know there have been a lot of czars over the years and one president had 47 czars.

Obama has over 30 lined up. One resigned because of all the hoopla about him being a communist. Another is tied in with N.A.M.B.L.A. which believes its okay to sexually exploit young children. How about these other czars? Whats their claim to fame? I think we need to know who these un-elected boss men are. And whats their agenda. One is to be a czar over FEMA.

President Reagan signed a law that places FEMA in charge of the government during any extreme national emergency such as a pandemic. Now some members of Congress have suggested that we open up some of the military bases that were closed during the Clinton administration and designate them as quarantine areas.

This smells of the Japanese American Concentration Camps of World War II who were locked up for fear they might aid the enemy in the future. Thats like taking your dog to the vet and have him euthanized because he might someday in the future bite somebody.

Ive served in the Army National Guard and the U.S. Navy and lived on military bases in both branches. They have fences around them and guard houses at every entrance. Youre a smart man Mr. Bivens.

If youre like me, I dont cherish the idea of being rounded up in some make-shift leper colony or whatever. Why cant I be quarantined in my own home? At least I can watch my own TV programs instead of in some day room watching what everybody else is forced to watch and eating what they want me to eat or taking medication they allow me to take.

How long do I stay in this camp and what about my home? What happens to it? Will the government take it under eminent domain then sell it to ay for my stay in this stalag? This sounds more like people control than disease control.

Hopefully other members of Congress can see through this farce and vote against it but who knows? Weve got some silly people running our government and when they go behind closed doors in secret and vote for laws that we dont hear about and then head off on vacation, were in trouble. Why is it when politicians start talking I get this uneasy feeling somebody is hunting my check book? Also while the government is watching over me, is this FEMA czar going to be my king?

Some people in society say, Oh well Ill relax and take it easy. The government is watching after me. No, the government isnt watching after you. Theyre watching you. Remember, a nation who is willing to sacrifice liberty for security ends up with neither and no nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity. As America slowly slides into socialism look behind you. Communism is close behind.

God bless America.

Wayne Bilbrey