Rondo ala Perk for the FMC

Published 4:29 pm Friday, November 20, 2009

With apologies to Dave Bruebeck and the title of one of his classic jazz tunes, the Foothills Music Club perked its eyes and ears at its November meeting held high on Rondo Ridge Road at the home of the Erwins.

Musicians with the Artists Options presented a program rich in variety and style. Patti Peake, soprano, Kathleen Erwin, violin, Kathleen Foster, cello, Kristi Hamlin, piano and Joe Erwin, piano, played music from composers Bach to Ravel with Schumann, Kreisler, Beethoven and Taylor in between.

Being high on a mountain, Rodgers Sound of Music sung at the beginning of the meeting by Peake set the tenor of the recital, while Joe Erwins remarks on the import of music in all cultures marked its conclusion.

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The Foothills Music Club, formed to encourage its member musicians to continue in their art, thrives on the versatility of its members as each performs at least once during the nine monthly meetings.

Through a club sponsor, membership is open to anyone willing to share his or her talent. Call Rita Stobbe, Membership Chair, at 828-859-5964 for more information.