Its a jungle out there.

Published 1:20 pm Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am often told how my Special cases make people cry. Lord knows I wish they all could be happy stories.
I am a huge fan of the T.V. series Monk. The scenario and the form of humor it delivers tickles my funny bone. Before I begin my tale, I want you to know that I take every case seriously, just the fact that any animal winds up at the Humane Society calls for sobriety. That being said, my criers have a point, a little laughter every day is good for the soul. Those who know me personally are well aware of my humorous side, so when I joke about things, it is not an anomaly.
Last week, while checking out the adoptable animals, I ran smack into Monk. Monk is a 4-year-old Husky Shepherd mix whose coat is blending so perfectly with black and white it looks like a smoky grey that shimmers like silver. He has the clearest blue eyes Ive ever seen on a dog. Hes not very large for his breed, but his appearance is perfectly wolflike. Monk sat up and looked straight at me and his beauty took my breath away. He had been hanging around Coopers Gap pavilion greeting everyone who would give him attention for three days before he was brought into us. Being low heartworm positive, I decided to take him on as a Special Case and had set up to take him to Landrum vet to begin treatment. As I stood by his cage, Monk greeted me, Hi Uncle Lennie, the other dogs said you might stop by to talk to me. Well hello handsome, I replied as I opened his cage door to go in and greet him. Monk nestled up to me like hed known me all his life. How in the world did a beautiful boy like you end up in our kennel? I went on. My owners wanted me to be a guard dog, but I dont know how to do that. You dont have to be mean to be a guard dog, Monk, you have to look the part.
How do I do that, Uncle Lennie? Try this, I said as I twisted my face into a snarl. What I received was a lop-sided grin with his tongue hanging out. I began to laugh and this got his tail thumping Okay, I went on, wiping my eyes, lets try the attack mode. I crouched down as if I was ready to spring at him and Monk rolled over for a tummy rub. I grabbed his face and started kissing him, laughing uncontrollably. Okay Monk, you win, I guess were just going to have to find you a home where only love and affection is on the agenda.
With this, Monk offered me his paw. Thats right boy, if the robbers come by you, just offer to shake their hands, thatll do it every time. After a few more minutes of hugging and play, I prepared to leave him. You stay as sweet as you are Monk, but be wary, its a jungle out there. Whats a jungle Uncle Lennie? Something I pray youll never know sweet boy.
Monk is now at Landrum vet receiving his treatments; come give this special boy a special home.
Thanks for listening.

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