County service past due on annexation

Published 5:52 pm Wednesday, November 18, 2009

North Carolinians having witnessed annexation first hand have learned more about the involuntary annexation statutes than many city council members, county commissioners, and even some state lawmakers know due to the necessity of protecting their own rights.

This law made in 1959 to help cities get services to outsiders that needed them, perhaps began as a good thing. Currently, citizens that do not need what cities have to offer are not happy about being annexed. In fact, many people would be happy when annexed, if services such as sewer were not forced onto them.

One of the first things one learns after being informed of annexation is that the cities have an organization called the League of Municipalities, NCLM, that recommends annexation to cities as a way for them to raise tax revenue without raising taxes for those already in their borders. The NCLM has lobbyists that contact state legislators in hopes of keeping the annexation law from changing to meet the times.

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The county commissioners also have an organization called the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, NCACC. The lobbyists for the counties are paid with tax dollars to contact legislators in behalf of county residents on legislation that affects them.

The NCACC has not contacted legislators regarding any annexation reform bill this decade in behalf of county taxpayers that do not live in cities.

Shouldnt the counties provide fairness with annexation, for the rest of the county taxpayers?

&bsp; Ted and Julie Perkins