Using a fishing guide; Lake Adger fishing tournament

Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Using a Guide or not?

After fishing up here in New York, I realized how important it is to hire a guide. I never was a big fan of hiring a guide…money being the biggest reason. But, if you figure that you have only a weeks time and you want to catch some fish, you could spend days trying to find that good spot, buying the lures or bait that work and the right equipment. At that, you could have spent half the cost of a guide. For example, my Simms Waders work great for fishing in North Carolinas rivers and streams, but they do not work for surf casting, sand from the beach filled them even with the gravel guard down. Which made walking very hard and getting them off even harder. Which lure do I cast? What weight? What color? At $5-$7 each, you can spend $35 easy and thats just on tins. If they are hitting the surface at that moment you will need a surface popper, which color, size? The cost of them start at $15-$40. In addition, the beach front is 10 miles long and the fish are more than likely not were you just parked your car so you have wasted hours fishing were the fish are not. Just think how long it took to find that hot spot on the lake and which color worm or lure to use? On vacation, you might only have two days to fish, and of course the first question your wife or friends will ask is DID YOU CATCH ANY FISH? You turn around and say yes I did. I hired a guide and used his equipment and he showed me what to use that first day and I went back for the rest of the week and caught a lot of fish! Another thing I learned is that the surf rod that works in Montauk, NY is not used on Cape Hatteras, NC. Here, a 9-10 rod works very well, and on Cape Hatteras you need a 12. Needless to say, fishing has been good, but not for me. I was out in the ocean drifting into the inlet with four other boats. I was using a black eel, the boat next to me was using a gray/silver eel and he was catching fish, but not me. On Wednesday, I am going with my nephew to do some more surf casting out in Montauk. We should catch something, I will let you know next week.
This weeks Quote of the week is, The greatest fishing secret ever? Patience, by Roger Bacon.
Lake Adger and the Green River

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Ken reports, the bite is on this week with crappie fishing taking the lead. The crappie are still holding in the 10 to 12 water at a depth of 5 to7 depending on the barometric pressure for the day. Small jigs and minnows are still the top baits. A few large crappie are being caught on small spinner baits. Bass fishing is in full swing with reports of several 5 to 7 lb fish being taken on crankbaits and plastic worms. A nice musky was taken this week in the 35 lb class, but was not weighed. Musky killers and the large Sebile Magic Swimmers are your best choice. Bream are still abundant in the shallows adjacent to deep water. Small spinners or nightcrawlers will get you a nice mess of bream for supper. Good luck. Ken at Silver Creek Campground (828)817-3809
First Annual Fishing Tournament Jamboree – November 21 at Lake Adger.
Four tournaments to choose in one day fish one or all!
BASS: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

MUSKY: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

BASS: 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.

CATFISH: 4:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Prizes and or money to be given to winners.

When: Saturday November 21st 2009

Where: Lake Adger
Pre Register at Silver Creek Campground (828)817-3809 or call Chief Trent Carswell at (828)817-2033.
The Mill Spring Vol. Fire Dept will be holding a Fishing tournament Jamboree on November 21 at Lake Adger. The fund raiser will include two Bass Tournaments one in the morning and one at night, along with a Catfish and a Musky Tournament. This will be a fun event with both cash and other items for prizes. Remember that Lake Adger has a horsepower limit on the lake 60hp on boats and 80hp on pontoons.
Details and registration can be obtained from the Mill Spring Vol. Fire Dept. or Silver Creek Campground. Please plan to fish and have a great time, we need your support. Thanks to the Mill Spring Vol. Fire Dept.
If you have any cycling rides, paddling outings, fishing reports and photos of that BIG one please email me at outdoorfishingguy@gmail.