Polk Appearance Commission seeks help to keep county clean

Published 12:37 am Friday, November 13, 2009

Editors note: The following was released by the Polk County Appearance Commission.

In todays newspaper youll find a brochure about the Polk County Adopt a Highway program, Polk County Clean & Green an initiative of the Polk County Appearance Commission.

Any business, association, community, public organization or individual can adopt a stretch of highway. Please consult the brochure and adopt a section of highway near you.By taking personal responsibility for one of our area roadways, you will be setting an example for our community and demonstrating to others the importance of a clean environment. &bsp;

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Litter on Polk Countys highways and byways is more than just unsightly. It is expensive.&bsp; Many in our area work hard to attract tourists and businesses to Polk County only to have their efforts thwarted when visitors are greeted with trash on our otherwise beautiful streets and roads. &bsp;

Personal involvement has proven to be the best way to keep our roads clean. The Adopt-a-Highway program costs nothing for individual groups like businesses and civic organizations to get involved, and in return for their efforts, they gain public recognition.

The Adopt-a-Highway program gives groups the opportunity to help their communities by collecting litter and beautifying roadsides. This international program is one of our most successful public-private initiatives. The North Carolina AAH program saves taxpayers approximately $4 million annually in roadside cleanup costs. It is one of the largest anti-litter programs in the nation, representing approximately 6,000 groups that include around 125,000 volunteers statewide. These volunteers have adopted about 12,000 miles of state-maintained roadsides.

For more information on this or any of the Green Initiatives in Polk County, please call 828-894-2324.