Written permission is common sense

Published 6:04 pm Thursday, November 12, 2009

To the Editor:

One of the best things the Transylvania County Commissioners have done for the citizens of this county was to enact a written permission ordinance from landowners for a hunter to hunt on a landowners property.

I have lived in the rural areas of this county all my life (I am 79). For 44 years, I owned over a hundred acres of woodland and farmland that was prime for hunting (especially deer and raccoons (and have often encountered problems with illegal and/or unethical hunters.

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After Transylvania County passed the written permission ordinance in 2003, I have had very few problems with hunters. I have done a lot of hunting myself across these western North Carolina mountains but I have never hunted on a property without obtaining the consent of the landowner.

Some things are just common sense and common courtesy. I would urge the Polk County Commissioners to adopt a written permission ordinance for the citizens of Polk County.

It is in their best interest and ethical hunters will be glad to comply.

Roy Orr, Brevard, NC