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Published 6:25 pm Thursday, November 12, 2009

The subjects taught in his new school were the first six grades. Texts are unknown to us now. All ages were included no graduation, and the term was 8 months. All who wished might attend.

About two years later, Mr. Stearns erected a second building containing two rooms for kindergarten, work, and the Library. This building was on Main Street (now known as Mills Street).

The house was later moved and the back of that block the large building is now a dwelling owned by J. C. Gibson. That school was placed in charge of Rev. A. S. Beaman, who retired after two years. Rev. G. H. Detwilder succeeded him after a short service of two and one-half years and Prof. E. G. Townsend was appointed to take his place. The school was then known as The Columbus Institute.

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In 1898 the school was incorporated and given the name of The Central Industrial Institute.

In 1900 a new building consisting of a good-sized auditorium with two classroomsone on each sidewas added and a dormitory for boarding students built.