Kids First Aid and Fire Safety Day at Seventh-day Adventist Church

Published 4:56 pm Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Seventh-day Adventist Church Adventurer club hosted a Kids First Aid and Fire Safety Day on Sunday, November 8.
If you passed by the church you may have been a bit worried. With
Joey Davis from the Tryon Fire Department parking the large truck out
front and kids roaming around carrying first aid supplies, the church
may have appeared in a state of emergency at first glance. But have no
fear, fun learning moments were abounding.
Melinda Champion, from the Red Cross, jump started the day with a
session on choking, as well as generously providing goodie bags stuffed
with creative learning pages to color and entertain.
Parents as well as kids were eagerly discovering how to help a
friend in danger and avoid potential safety hazards, learning how to
save peoples lives in everyday situations.
The Tryon Fire Department was of course the star of the show with
the biggest toy of the day. The red fire engine was a hit with kids of
all ages. As Davis, the fireman revealed, Fire fighters just cant
help looking good riding in that truck!
Davis instructed kids in the fine points of stop/drop/roll and then
led the kids on a tour to every nook and cranny of the engine;
certainly a clean machine.
The other five learning centers that kids experienced included:
first response, minor cuts, bleeding, bandages, and sterilization. Each
station was staffed by area health care professionals that attend the
Tryon SDA church.
The nearly 40 kids completed the training while collecting pieces of their own first aid kit to take home.
The Tryon Adventurer Club is an organization targeting community
kids three to nine years old. It combines learning life skills with a
higher goal of knowing and loving Jesus.
Currently, the Tryon Adventurer club has 19 members and nine adult
counselors. Usually meetings are held two Wednesday nights each month
during the school year.
However, this special day was held to involve community presenters
and invite neighboring Adventurer clubs. Kids joined in the excitement
from around the region including Upward, N.C., as well as Greenville
and Spartanburg.
The Red Cross and the Tryon Fire Department for helped make the First Aid and Fire Safety Day a success.

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