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Fran Zahn and the ‘tutu award’

To the Editor:

The impact of the recent passing of Fran Zahn is not easy to put into words.&bsp; The notice of her death in the TDB didnt convey much about the singular qualities of this warm, charming and wonderful lady.

A number of years ago – and for a number of years – Fran and Henry Zahn were active in what was then known as the Red Fox Bowlers.&bsp; Henry was notably good at the sport; Fran was of diminutive stature, and, while she was also a notably good bowler, she was incapable of delivering a power ball.&bsp; However, she displayed a rare and special talent that was a sight to behold. &bsp;

While she waited for the ball to slowly roll toward the bowling pins, her body English was more animated than many could possibly imagine or duplicate.&bsp; Her gestures and graceful body movements – leaning, arms waving, feet shuffling – were almost as if shed defected from the Bolshoi Ballet.&bsp; It was because of this that Fran became the undisputed, uncontested holder of the coveted tutu award.

Fran, well miss you.

Bill&bsp; Wuehrmann