Talking to myself

Published 8:41 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I recently made a visit to see some old friends. For nearly 20 years I ran a large and successful pet sitting business. Truth be told, it is how I acquired the moniker Uncle Lennie. For five days I did nothing but see old clients and their critters. The joy of seeing some of my furry nieces and nephews again was heartwarming.

One of my clients rescues and owns Shiba Inus. On my visit I had six of them crawling all over me, four I had known and two new ones who had joined the fray. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I went to F.H.S. last week and ran into Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a 4 year old creamy white Shiba Inu who was found by Red Fox and Peniel Road. Its not a well known breed but they are the sweetest and cutest little things and Hawkeye truly fit the bill.

Hawkeye had a micro chip, so we immediately tried to contact the owner who, lets say, was many towns away. After many unanswered phone calls and notes on their door, they were finally contacted at which point Hawkeye was signed over to us. I wont go into all the scenarios that crossed my mind, Ive found its a waste of my time. I leave that to others so I can concentrate on the animals.

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On Hawkeyes upper left leg there was a slight protrusion that was thought to be a possible tumor. On further inspection it was a broken bone that healed on its own without being treated. You know it doesnt take much to get my ire up for sometimes this too is just a waste of time. What to do? I asked myself. At the time in one way or another I was working with five animals, monitoring their care and/or seeking homes. I guess I asked the wrong person because the answer came back, Youll do what you have to do, then pray on it and it will work out.

Off I went to Cloverfield Vet and spoke to my dear friend Dr. Maria Magsino about Hawkeye. I explained that he wasnt limping or showing any visible signs of pain but I was concerned how it would affect him in the future. Maria said, Ill give him a thorough examination and take x-rays but if his bone has to be reset hell need a specialist. We made an appointment for the following Monday at 10 a.m. and she agreed to do it all free of charge. Of course I teared up and gave her one of my famous Italian hugs. Id already thought about a possible specialist and if need be, Id have to do some serious negotiating with people I didnt know. Oh well, I thought, Ill cross that bridge when I get to it.

It was now Thursday and by Friday afternoon the following occurred: A very interested person was going to look at Toby. Phillip was gaining by the minute and a new home was eminent. Nicolas is off to a wonderful Border Collie rescue. Jake was just adopted. Lorelei is healing wonderfully as is Barkley. That makes six, doesnt it? Oh well. And I recently received word that a couple will take Hawkeye just as he is no matter what the outcome.

I fell like Paul Newman in that old Rocky Graziano movie. Somebody up there likes me.

Thanks for listening.~ Special Cases written by Leonard Rizzo