Best of luck to the Wolverines

Published 7:50 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To the Editor:

This letter is to acknowledge a football player, a kicker to be specific.

This summer, while exercising, I observed a young man practice kicking at the school football field. Sometimes a man would be with him, his dad I presume, and sometimes he would be alone.

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In the summers heat, he would kick ball after ball aiming, of course, for the goal posts. Sometimes he would make the kick and sometimes he would not. He showed no emotion either way, he would simply stroll after the ball and kick it again. Time and time again, he would kick that football.

I admire this football player and his dedication and diligent efforts to succeed. A kicker position can be difficult, not to say that other positions are not.

A kicker gets no do-overs and gets no points for a near miss like in the game of horseshoes. His playing time may be limited only to touchdowns scored and it seems the field goal opportunities are never for the short yardage and may be in the last seconds of the quarter or game. What pressure?

And then his extra points are not even acknowledged as is a touchdown because it is just for one point. My health no longer affords me the ability to attend the games but I see on the internet that Polk County has a very good football team.

Coach Ollis and his staff are to be commended for his time and effort in developing a successful program. He obviously emphasizes individual development for this young kicker to put in the hours of training while not at an official practice.

By the way, hes very fast; I have seen him run like a leopard. Best of luck to the Wolverines.
John Bolling