Published 8:44 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once again, our tale begins at Landrum vet. The day began routinely enough, I was visiting Phillip, the pup found in the food bag along with his deceased siblings and to walk and talk with Nicolas, my sweet Border Collie.

After that, I intended to get up to F.H.S., and visit with Jake, the black and tan Coon hound. On the way back from my walk with Nicolas, a man burst into the vet office and explained he had a dog in his car that was struck by a car. He knew who the owners were but it seems they had abandoned their trailer and their dog. He was informed that they could not take the dog in unless he signed a form to take responsibility in case the owners couldnt be located. The poor good Samaritan had such a forlorn look on his face, like the last thing he needed was another financial burden. Here Paula, I said, please take Nicolas back. I then turned to the man and asked, May I see it? He anxiously led me out to the car where his son was holding the dog on his lap. Its a female, they said, and shes a very sweet dog. She looked up at me and instantly struck me to the very depths of my soul. Take her in, I said, and give them the information they need. If the owner cant be located, I will pay for her care. We all estimated her to be a three year old Shepherd Mastiff mix. When we brought her in, all the staff was teary eyed, God bless you Lennie, they said. Stop that, I shouted, Im blessed enough, lets save our prayers for this dear girl. I gave them all the chore of finding a name for her. I then gave her a kiss of reassurance and left her in the very capable hands of Dr. Donna Raines and her staff.

After an examination, I was informed she had fractures in both rear legs along with a fractured hip. The other hip also was out of joint. The next day when I went to visit, the staff were using a strap harness to take her for a walk, all her injuries had been tended to. They hadnt come up with a name yet, so I told them that overnight I was thinking how she drew me in like an enchantress, so I named her Lorelei. I went in to see her and she tried to get up to greet me. No girl, I said, you rest, therell be time enough for that. I then went in to see Dr. Maiola to check on how she was doing. Hi, Tommy, hows my girl doing? Shes doing fine, Lennie, shes a strong girl and should recover nicely. Im afraid, he went on, were going to have to operate today, the other hip ball and joint are separated and Ill have to shave bone to make it fit. Whatever it takes, doc, I replied, I know shes in good hands. On the way out I visited Lorelei again and told her to stay strong and that Id see her tomorrow.

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The next day I went to the desk and asked how Lorelei was doing. Shes doing fine. I was told. Please give me the bill, I said, this is from my personal account. I dont want it sent to the F.H.S. I was told Elaine wanted to go over it and it would be ready that afternoon. I then walked Nicolas and left to take care of other business with the Humane Society.

Later that afternoon I went in to receive my bill and though it severely diminished my fund, I could see that it was loaded with cuts. I thanked everyone involved for helping me shoulder the bill and asked if I could see Lorelei. When I went to her cage, she lifted her head and spotted me and her tail started thumping. I fought to hold back the tears as I opened the cage to sit with her. Lorelei put her head in my lap as her tail kept thumping and looked up into my eyes with all the trust in the world. At that point, I lost the battle and I smothered her face with kisses and tears. You have my word, I told her, that I will do everything in my power to find you a good home and I promise as long as I have an ounce of strength you will never be abandoned again. Through it all, she kept her eyes on me with a look of love and trust.

Ah, sweet Lorelei, I smiled, you are truly an enchantress.

I want to thank all who helped make this tale possible and a special thanks to the gentleman who left a large anonymous donation at Landrum vet for my fund.

Thanks for listening.~ Special Cases written by Leonard Rizzo