Market Place: Student drivers train safe in Campobello

Published 7:21 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bob Payne, owner of Campobello Cars in Campobello, S.C. has been supplying BMWs for the Woodruff Driving School in recent years.

Woodruff Driving School owner Brian Kingwill says he teaches young drivers the basics of driving using BMWs because he believes they are the safest and most responsive car available today.

Kingwill should know. Just a few months ago, one of Kingwill&squo;s more aggressive student drivers pulled out in front of an SUV and was broad-sided while being instructed in a Z-4. Despite the major damage to the car, no one was even scratched.

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&dquo;These cars are tough and designed for protection of the occupants,&dquo; says Kingwill.

His business, Woodruff Driving, focuses on high school driver training, and he and his staff have trained over 2,400 students.

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After completing repairs following a small fire last month, Inn on Church is now open for business. The Inn is located at the corner of Church Street and 3rd Street in Hendersonville, NC and is open for lunch Monday to Saturday, brunch Sunday and dinner Thursday to Saturday. For more information call 828-863-3258.

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The Old Mill Market, 151 Southern Mercerizing Rd. at Hwy. 176 Tryon, N.C., has converted from a &dquo;flea market&dquo; to an &dquo;indoor mall.&dquo; With the help of all the vendors and staff, The Old Mill Market Square has recently been redecorated, polished and cleaned. The old Southern Mercerizing plant was bought by David Kersey in November, 1999 and he still owns it today with his wife Nita.

The Old Mill Market Square also offers locked storage space for rent. To learn more, go to

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Ron Kauffman, Senior Lifestyles columnist for the Tryon Daily Bulletin, was given high praise in a story on the Gilbert Guide recently. Established in 2004, Gilbert Guide is the leading senior care website where families can find practical solutions, expert information and the most comprehensive senior housing guide and homecare directory for aging parents and loved ones.

The Gilbert Guide said Kauffman &dquo;covers everything that&squo;s of interest to people over the age of 50. What Ron delivers over the web is good solid journalism and opinion pieces delivered straight to your inbox. With deft wit he cuts through the social morass of anti-aging products and our obsession with them and also dishes out more practical advice on how to help you live a longer and happier life while also trying to aid your parents.

&dquo;Whether it is giving his opinion on how the Obama administration is handling the healthcare or interweaving studies on diet, sex life, work habits and blood pressure to show a slice of American life, Ron&squo;s approach is always holistic‐mind, body, wallet and heart are all given equal weight in how to create a happier, fuller life.&dquo;

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