Landrum businesses say city needs billboard to draw visitors

Published 7:06 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Council directed city administrator Steve Wolochowicz to secure one of five billboards to be available in December between Landrum and Spartanburg and to work with the Landrum Downtown&bsp; Business Association to create suitable artwork for the billboard.

Landrum business owner Madelon Wallace told council that business owners feel a billboard would be a good use of the city&squo;s hospitality tax they are paying to the town and there is currently a strong concern about business during this economy. Some business owners are struggling to keep people employed, she said.

&dquo;All of us are struggling,&dquo; Wallace said. &dquo;I don&squo;t think anyone is booming.&dquo;

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Wallace also stressed the need for Landrum&squo;s &dquo;economic&dquo; neighbors of Tryon and Columbus especially to work together. She said people should buy local and people in Landrum should send visitors to Polk County venues instead of to Spartanburg and Polk County should send visitors to Landrum instead of Hendersonville and Asheville.

During council&squo;s worksession prior to the meeting, members discussed other ways to bring in more tourism to Landrum, such as dressing up the entrance to the city from I-26.

Council all agreed a billboard is needed inviting visitors to Landrum.

The available billboards will cost the city between $700 and $1,050 per month plus a one time approximate $600 cost for artwork and $1,125 for the vinyl. All the available billboards are illuminated, Wolochowicz said.

Council member Randy Wohnig lead discussions during the worksession about his desire to dress up the intersection. Wohnig said that since Landrum is the first city in South Carolina there are many ideas of what could be done, with one suggestion of a rock garden in the shape of the state of South Carolina. Mayor Bob Briggs added that being the first city in the state, Landrum could try to get funding assistance fom the state for an interstate enhancement.

Funding for the city&squo;s billboard will come from its hospitality tax fund. Wolochowicz said he&squo;d return with artwork choices and a location for council to approve in November.

Tryon also recently placed a billboard near exit 10 on I-26 to promote tourism using artwork of &dquo;Morris&dquo; the horse as its theme to promote tourism.