2009 Crop Walk has new name and goal

Published 1:39 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last year the &dquo;Polk County&dquo; CROP Walk enlisted the help of over 300 people, 15 area corporate sponsors and a host of musicians to aid in the walk against hunger.

The $10,000 raised by walkers provided help with the basics of life for hundreds of thousands of people around the world as well as here in Polk County.

This year the Walk is expanding into the Upstate. The Crop Walk organizers are asking all &dquo;Foothills&dquo; region churches, businesses, organizations and individuals to come and walk with us. The walk is to raise awareness and funds for the basic needs of our fellow humans.

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The Polk County CROP Walk has now become the Foothills CROP Walk for Hunger. This year&squo;s walk is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday, November 1 at Harmon Field in Tryon.

We are asking everyone not only to come show your support in walking with us, but to help sponsor the walk through donations. Your &dquo;Corporate Sponsor&dquo; donations help cover the cost of the walk, buy T-shirts and advertising needed to make the walk a success.

You can check out the Foothills Crop Walk at churchworldservice.org/goto/foothills. For more information about sponsoring the walk contact Betsy Schenkel 828-894-5206 or Email: betsysch@windstream.net.