Columbus faces maintenance costs for Veteran’s Park fountain

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Columbus Town Council recently heard a presentation from Integrity Marble of Rutherford County, which proposed removing the white substance that has formed on the bricks as well as cleaning approximately &rac12; inch of algae that has formed on the interior of the fountain. The cleaning and sealing was proposed at $7,550.

Council tabled a decision to hire the company to look into the job further. The town will need to maintain the water in the fountain and although another company has proposed to maintain the fountain for $2,400 per year, town officials said it may be possible for town crews to maintain the water.

Copper sulfate was added to the fountain to make the water appear blue, according to Integrity Marble representatives, but the mineral leaches out onto the bricks and discolors them. Repairs are also needed around the base of the fountain where the grout is cracked.

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Integrity Marble representatives said that the repairs would be done as well as cleaning and sealing the bricks. The sealing should last five years, Integrity Marble employees said, and the town should never have the current problem again if the water levels are maintained properly.

Columbus began building veteran&squo;s park in 2004, located just behind the former fire station that is set to be the new House of Flags museum. The town is also currently seeking funding to purchase the adjacent lot to veteran&squo;s park for an expansion.

The park was built partly from donations from residents who purchased bricks to place around the fountain in honor of local veterans.