Columbus tables decision on Foster Creek master plan

Published 2:41 pm Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foster Creek&squo;s master plan approval has been delayed until an existing right of way issue is settled between a property owner and Foster Creek.

Council last Thursday reviewed the master plan for the 1,068-acre development and decided by a 3-1 vote to table the approval. Council member Rick McCallister motioned to approve the master plan, stating that the right of way for Amanda Scruggs is deeded and the right of way has nothing to do with the town. His motion to approve the master plan died without a second and council instead decided to table the issue.

The Columbus Planning Board unanimously approved the Houston Road development&squo;s master plan recently.

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At a joint meeting of the town council and planning board last week, town officials expressed concerns about road widths, widths between buildings and the Scruggs right of way.

Scruggs has a deeded right of way through the Foster Creek property, but the right of way is not currently driveable. Foster Creek developers placed a gate on a road and gave Scruggs a key to the gate in order to access her property and said that a meeting was scheduled for last week to settle a permanent right of way. Foster Creek&squo;s Scott Kilby said he assures council that a permanent solution will be worked out between the parties and since the right of way is deeded, Foster Creek cannot deny her access to her property, nor do they want to deny her access.

On issues such as road widths, Foster Creek representatives told council that the master plan is a vision and details to fit the town&squo;s provision will be worked out in the preliminary plat approval stages.

Council will likely reconsider the Foster Creek master plan next month. Once the master plan is approved, Foster Creek will need to obtain a special use permit from the town to have cluster housing in the development, then approve a development agreement with the town and move to preliminary plat approvals for each phase of the project.

&bsp;Kilby says at the very earliest, construction could begin next summer, but it will depend on when the approvals are done. Foster Creek is also planning a 250,000 gallon water tank onsite for the development&squo;s use and later to construct a second 250,000 gallon water tank for the town&squo;s use.