S.C. Gov. Sanford visits Campobello, apologizes to residents

Published 3:25 pm Friday, September 18, 2009

Sanford said Rep. Joey Millwood (R), who was also in attendance, wanted him to come and see a small South Carolina business that is working. Sanford invited the Nodine&squo;s and residents to give him &uot;pearls of wisdom,&uot; about making a small business work. Nodine&39;s, which serves Southern favorites, opened about a year and a half ago. Sanford also apologized to the Landrum and Campobello residents at Nodine&squo;s for his recent affair. &uot;For those of you I let down, I apologize,&uot; Sanford said. &uot;Nobody is perfect and I&squo;m not perfect. What I&squo;m trying to do is get back up.&uot; He said he&squo;s trying to concentrate on his last 15 months in office and to be a good steward as he has been with South Carolinians&squo; money. He asked Campobello Mayor Ray Copeland if there was anything he could do for the small town and and Copeland said Campobello needs money with a laugh. Sanford visited other Upstate areas last Friday and said he just wanted to stop by and say hello to folks. Bobbi Nodine said they loved having Sanford visit and that he hasn&squo;t been fairly treated by the media. She says what happens in people&squo;s personal lives should stay there. Others at Nodine&squo;s, such as Larry Ayers said that most politicians and people have done something in their life at some point that they regret and he forgives Sanford. Sanford admitted in June to having an affair with a woman in Argentina and since then has been under scrutiny from the media, state lawmakers and the state Ethics Commission. Sanford told Campobello residents on Friday that it&squo;s hard to do his job with all the media and TV and cameras flashing on him constantly.

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