Tryon seeks citizens’ help to develop strategic plan

Published 2:50 pm Friday, August 21, 2009

The plan development process will begin in August and&bsp; continue until plan implementation in July 2010.&bsp; In order to better understand the long-term vision of town residents, extensive data collection will be conducted from online and paper surveys. &bsp;

Town boards and advisory committees will also be asked to provide input.&bsp; Furthermore, the town will hold facilitated public input sessions on September 28, 29, and 30. &bsp;

Citizens may access the on-line survey through the town&squo;s website ( and may pick up paper surveys at town hall.

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The town is encouraging citizens to participate in the process, saying, &dquo;It is essential that all voices be heard in order to allow for the development of a strategic plan that truly addresses the desires of the community.&dquo;

The town says additional information concerning public participation opportunities will be distributed in the coming weeks. Below is the town&39;s survey for citizens.Tryon Strategic Plan Survey

1. What do you feel are the most important issues, opportunities, and challenges (strategic issues) facing the Town of Tryon during the upcoming four to five years?&bsp; Why?

2. What are your suggestions (strategies) for how the Town should address these strategic issues?

3. Are there specific services currently provided by the Town that you feel should be increased or enhanced?&bsp; If so, which services?&bsp; Why?

4. Conversely, are there specific services currently provided by the Town that you feel should be decreased or eliminated?&bsp; If so, which services?&bsp; Why?

5. Are there services not currently provided by the Town that you feel should be?&bsp; What services?&bsp; Why?

6. NC law provides municipalities one primary source of revenue for general governmental operations ‐ the property tax.&bsp; In some specific instances, municipalities are allowed to charge fees for certain operations.&bsp; Given this, how would you propose that Tryon finance the ideas that you have suggested?