TROT’s Broek named top volunteer for FENCE

Published 11:03 am Friday, August 14, 2009

Carol Ten Broek of Therapeutic Riding of Tryon (TROT) has been named the 2008 FENCE Volunteer Of The Year

Broek was recognized for her five years of service to the TROT program as Volunteer Coordinator. She was among the first volunteers to enroll in the program at its inception in 2004, and received the award at a volunteer supper marking the end of spring classes.

TROT volunteers contributed over 900 hours of their time during the spring to serve sixteen physically and developmentally challenged riders.

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Broeck grew up in the South of England and spent her days riding her pony and attending pony club events.&bsp; As a teenager she wanted to follow her Mother&squo;s lead of getting involved in a therapeutic riding program but work and a city lifestyle took her to Denmark, Norway, Belgium and, with marriage, then to Tampa, Florida. &bsp;

When Carol and her husband Gary moved to Columbus in 1999 Carol soon found out that it was like &squo;home from home&squo; – horse country – she just landed on her feet with a horse to ride whenever she wanted (thanks to Wes Sweet!) and she then found that TROT was being created.

&dquo;What an opportunity that was to get involved right from the beginning,&dquo; says LeRoy. &dquo;Special moments helping special riders to accomplish their own special goals have made it a most rewarding experience ‐ truly a dream come true.&dquo;