K-9 Bruno helps Landrum seize many drugs, $24k in cash

Published 11:37 am Friday, August 14, 2009

Bruno the K-9 showed off his talents to Landrum City Council this week by searching for and finding three grams of methamphetamine his handler hid in city council&squo;s chambers.

Landrum City Council members watched the demonstration by Bruno and his handler, officer Jason Coffin, at their meeting Tuesday.

Coffin told council members how the 4&rac12; year old Belgian Malanois has helped the Landrum Police Department since the dog came on board.

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Pictures of drugs and money that Bruno helped seize were displayed on a table Tuesday for council and residents to see.

Coffin discussed how the majority of drugs seized in Landrum comes from Landrum residents and how people are shocked that there are that many drugs in the small town.

Bruno circled the room during the demonstration, then breathed heavily and sat when he spotted the planted methamphetamine in a radio.

Bruno, who is trained in tracking, drugs and handler protection, has helped the Landrum department seize $24,000 in cash and $12,000 of seized vehicles.

He has found 60 grams of cocaine/crack, 235 pills, 275 lbs. of marijuana, one dose of ecstasy and one ounce of illegal mushrooms.

Coffin said Bruno has also helped the department seize 15 weapons, even though he&squo;s not trained in weapons. Through Bruno&39;s skills in finding drugs, the department has found the weapons after searches. Bruno has been with the department about two years.