Thermal Belt Friendship Council wins Edy’s Ice Cream Neighborhood Salute

Published 3:40 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2009

People who know Thermal Belt Friendship Council Vice President Donna Tatnall know that she has a penchant for late night web-surfing. You never know where she&39;ll end up.

So when she discovered an Edy&39;s Ice Cream website offering a neighborhood ice cream party for 100 people as a prize for winning entries in a contest asking why a neighborhood should host such a party, she submitted the following:

&uot;In 1986, the Ku Klux Klan held a rally in the charming little town of Tryon, North Carolina. Concerned citizens decided to fight back with love, creating the &uot;Thermal Belt Friendship Council.&uot; Our informal organization seeks to provide better understanding among the diverse residents of our beautiful community. So that everyone who wants to may be included, the organization has no dues, no formal membership roster, and brings people together with community picnics, lunches, meetings, discussions, and other activities.&bsp; We&39;ve been trying to attract more young people to our activities, and I can&39;t think of a better way to do it than with an ice cream party! It could also help us bring positive attention to Roseland Center, a small community center often neglected by our larger community. What a beautiful variety of smiles you&39;ll see enjoying your wonderful ice cream! Ice cream is a great equalizer! Everyone is beautiful with ice cream on their nose and a smile on their face. What a delicious way to bring a community together!&bsp; &uot;

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The entry was declared a winner. Edy&39;s will be sending ice cream, cups, spoons, scoops, and name tags to the friendship council, which will host its ice cream party at Tryon&39;s Roseland Center at noon on Saturday, Aug. 22. Everyone is welcome.

Call Donna Tatnall at 828-859-7099 for information.