Duckworth wins Ducky Races at Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival

Published 3:16 pm Wednesday, July 15, 2009

He is a familiar face at FENCE, and Bonnie Brae Veterinarians.

It turns out he bought his Ducky tickets at Steeplechase this spring, about 30 of them, which helped support local nonprofits, including Hospice. He has had family that has been served by Hospice, and saw that as a worthwhile organization to support. He was planning on attending the festival, but was called out of town through his work at Fluor Corporation. He said he was surprised to get the phone call that his duck had finished first on the Pacolet River.

As it turns out, he will be supporting the Save Local Buy Local campaign ‐ the $1,000 is going to be spent locally, as his horse needs surgery at Bonnie Brae in Columbus.

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