Columbus again rejects request to take over Sanctuary water system

Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2009

By the end of this month the Town of Columbus has plans to have a master meter installed at Sanctuary, which means the town will definitely not be taking over the development&squo;s water system.

Columbus discussed last month Sanctuary&39;s previous threats of a lawsuit against the town. Sanctuary said the town had agreed to take over the water system.

Town manager Tim Holloman said there is nothing in writing that said the town would accept the system. He also said&bsp; the development was four months behind on its agreed $250 per month for Columbus to monitor the system.

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Council members said because Sanctuary hasn&squo;t paid the agreed $250 per month fee for more than 90 days, that agreement is null and void.

Council members agreed to have a master meter installed at Sanctuary by the end of this month. There are currently two water customers at Sanctuary and Holloman reported that a $3,000 water pump needs replacing.

Holloman said no lawsuit has been filed against the town, but he has received emails from the Sanctuary&squo;s attorney. The Sanctuary earlier asked the town about arbitration, but the town did not respond.

The town plans to install a master meter sometime this month for an estimated $19,300.

Sanctuary also earlier considered being voluntarily annexed into Columbus, but later decided not be annexed.

With a master meter, the town will bill the developers or a home-

owners&squo; association for a total amount of water used and the developer/association will charge individual homeowners.