Thwing rejects call by some Outreach board members for her retirement

Published 3:06 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eloise thwingDear Friends,

I feel that I need to share some information with this community ‐ the community that has been so supportive to the Thermal Belt Outreach ‐ because you should know exactly what is happening at Outreach.&bsp; Several of our board members have felt they should offer me the executive director emeritus title.&bsp;

With this title I could continue to serve Outreach but another executive director would be hired to work with me until I retired. This title is given to an individual who is retiring or leaving an organization.

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I am not retiring from Thermal Belt Outreach. I am in good health and I feel I can still carry the responsibilities I have had for the last 18 years.

Due to the economic situation, the Outreach is now exercising some new cost-cutting steps.&bsp; Effective July 1, one staff position is being eliminated and we have implemented a reduction in the number of hours our staff will be working each week.&bsp; In addition, Outreach will be open four days a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will be closed on Friday each week. In doing this, there will be savings on power, cooling and utilities which will also help us at this time. On Fridays, in case of a dire emergency, the Sheriff&squo;s Office may be contacted at 894-3001. We have looked at many other ways to conserve funds and will limit some services due to the lack of sufficient funding.&bsp;

With the failing economy, high unemployment and families struggling to survive, we are working hard to continue being here with assistance for them to the best of our ability. It is important that we help the family needing food, rent, or medical attention or the child with dental needs, etc. The needs are growing every day, especially with so many persons being unemployed.&bsp; We will continue to count on donations in order to give assistance.

I would like to thank this community for the support that has been given to Outreach over the years. You are the ones that have made it what it is today and this includes the wonderful volunteers and staff.&bsp; I feel it is only fair to let the community know these things. We have had many calls about the advertisement and feel that you should know that I am still on duty and carrying on my responsibility as executive director. I look forward to your continued support in order to assist the many clients who are hurting and in such great need.&bsp; I feel we should work together to give the less fortunate citizens our support.

Eloise T. Thwing, Executive Director, Thermal Belt Outreach