County to change Gibson Park use to football, soccer

Published 1:17 pm Friday, June 26, 2009

The work will be done at no cost to the county by the Polk County Youth Football Association. Nate Philpott of the youth football association said Monday the light poles will have to be relocated, fencing will be torn down and a dugout removed. He also said the new use of the fields would be a tremendous asset for football as there is currently no other facility in Polk County teams can use for practice.

Philpott said the plan is to remove the fencing and dugout immediately and do some grading prior to football practice beginning at the end of July. Once the season is finished, the remainder of the work will be done to create a 100-yard-long football field.

Commissioners are requiring volunteers to sign a release form to alleviate concerns about liability issues that might arise with volunteers doing the amount of work needed, considering how much dirt will have to be moved to create a full-size football field. County manager Ryan Whitson also requested that any work that is done be approved by the county engineer.

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