Columbus council apologizes to former planning board

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Metcalf also said since this happened she sees things in a different light and doesn&squo;t think the same will happen again. Metcalf mentioned that the council &dquo;bent over backwards&dquo; for a moratorium at the planning board&squo;s request even though she was told the town could be sued.

Former members Eric McIntyre and Mary Shambaugh agreed to rejoin the planning board, which puts the new board at the full five members.

Columbus has been struggling since it moved the town&39;s planning board members to serve on a newly formed zoning board of adjustment and began looking for new planning board members. The new planning board has had at most three members and most meetings have not had a quorum.

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McIntyre said a few things about the situation still bother him, such as council saying the reason the planning board switched roles was because the town didn&squo;t have a zoning board.

&dquo;The bottom line was we butted heads and it wasn&squo;t beneficial to council that we stay,&dquo; McIntyre said.

McIntyre mentioned several issues, but also said as far as he&squo;s concerned &dquo;it&squo;s water under the bridge.&dquo;

McIntyre agreed to rejoin, but said there would be times he didn&squo;t agree with council. He also asked for council to give the planning board more direction than it did in the past.

Councilman Ricky McCallister also apologized and said the same relationship won&squo;t happen again.

&dquo;If you&squo;re looking for an apology I&squo;d be happy to give you one,&dquo; McCallister said. &dquo;Communication is the key. Ya&squo;ll did a tremendous job. I apologize to you for my failure in getting communication to happen.&dquo;