County sets fees for customers seeking water line extension

Published 2:22 pm Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tap fees for residents participating in the 40 percent cost share will pay a $1,200 tap fee compared to a $3,000 tap fee for persons tapping on after construction and not paying the participation fee.

So far, water line extensions have cost participants $3,000 or less, including the $1,200 tap fee, so it would be beneficial to participate during construction. Commissioner Ren´e McDermott asked commissioners to include that persons who tapped on later also pay the 40 percent cost share and a $3,000 tap fee until the county had 100 percent of the costs taken care of, but other commissioners disagreed.

The policy includes provisions for businesses and subdivisions requesting water service as well as for residents. Upon receipt of a petition for a water line extension, the county will have 90 days to review the request and if the project is deemed viable by the county, Polk will then provide a cost estimate to the residents or businesses.

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Polk County is currently making water line extensions off its Broad River Water Authority (BRWA) line that connects BRWA to Inman Campobellow Water District (ICWD). Polk owns the line and has available for distribution up to 500,000 gallons of finished water per day the first year and 600,000 gallons per day after the second year.

The county has long term plans to connect its current system with a future treatment plant to distribute water from Lake Adger. The county is currently in the process of purchasing the lake bed and dam for water use.