Future of cross on Tryon Peak looks doubtful

Published 4:11 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When the Lions asked for the location of the cross hardware that had been removed, Haley indicated it had been discarded by their contractor.

The Columbus Lions Club had no lease contract with Crown Castle at the time of the cross&squo;s removal.&bsp;

The club&squo;s prior lease agreements were on a year-to-year basis, and ultimately would not have prevented this outcome‐the cross could stay on the tower only as long as the tower&squo;s owner was willing to accommodate it.&bsp;

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Lions Club officials say the club does not have the resources to build its own tower. Constructing a structure sufficiently rugged to withstand the extreme weather conditions on Tryon Peak would be cost-prohibitive, even if land on the mountain were available.

However, the Lions say they do hold out some hope that Crown Castle will allow the cross back on their tower once its maintenance is completed.&bsp;

If citizens wish to express their opinions on this issue to Crown, they can contact Jon Haley, property manager by mail (East Area, Crown Castle, 3530 Toringdon Way, Suite 300 Charlotte, N.C. 28277), by phone (704-405-6627) or by email (jon.haley@crowncastle.com).&bsp;

In the meantime, the Lions are trying to find other options for returning the cross to the mountain.&bsp; If you have a suggestion, contact Garland Goodwin at 894-2505 or garland@redfoxtv.tv.

The Columbus Lions say the support of many Polk County citizens has kept the cross shining through so many past seasons. If the cross does not return, the unused cross fund money will be used for the Lions community service projects. Citizens who made contributions for the cross during this last Easter season can contact the Lions at P.O. Box 121, Columbus, N.C. 28722 if they wish to have their contributions returned.