Generations embrace 2009 PACWalk for Preservation

Published 5:33 pm Monday, May 18, 2009

In addition to the support from the Columbus ACTS retirement community, which provided the venue for the annual event and hosted the free lunch, Walker acknowledged the sponsorship of Nature&squo;s Storehouse in Tryon as well as PACWalk teams from the Tryon Hunting Country, Tryon Rotary Club, Save our Slopes, and Friends of Harmon Field. All the teams entered to help the cause of conserving the area&squo;s natural resources.

&dquo;This year&squo;s PACWalk for Preservation was a true grass roots effort mounted by the residents and staff of Tryon Estates, which was joined by teams, families, and citizens from our area who are concerned about the welfare of our environment,&dquo; PAC Executive Director Sally Walker stated at the May 2 PACWalk Awards Ceremony and luncheon in the Tryon Estates main dining room.

The event&squo;s official starters, county commissioner chair Cindy Walker and Tryon Estates resident and Pacolet Area Conservancy founder, Sam White, were recognized at the ceremony, along with county commissioners Renee McDermott and Ray Gasperson, who participated in the walk.

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The shorter walk, a stroll around the idyllic lake at Tryon Estates, drew the larger number of the 100 &dquo;feet on the ground&dquo; walkers and was led by PAC Trail Leaders Jeff Jenkins and Wally Hughes.

A surprising number chose the longer route through woodlands and around the lake, however, which was designed and led by Tryon Estates residents Speer Ezzard, Tom Berryman, and Larry Poe.

Returning participants were greeted in the main building&squo;s entry by Tryon Estates&squo; &dquo;Rooters,&dquo; who lined the long entrance, cheering exuberantly for all who walked for the cause of preserving the area&squo;s beautiful landscape.