The ‘happy tail’ of Tryon’s stray yellow dog

Published 6:20 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This very shy dog had everyone in town (well, almost everyone) talking about her, trying to catch her, feeding her, and caring about her welfare. Many times daily she darted across the road, heedless of traffic, and luckily fate (and drivers with quick reflexes) always seemed to be on her side.

Tryon has animal lovers in abundance, and it seemed that every one of them called, stopped, or tried in various ways to help. The loyal ladies of NaNa&squo;s Kitchen kept an eagle eye out for her welfare; the folks at the ABC store offered both food and a home; she ate plenty of healthy food at Nature&squo;s Storehouse, visited with customers and employees at the IGA, and was a frequent guest at the back door of TJ&squo;s Cafe, although she was careful never to come within grabbing range. The attention she received from businesses, residents, passers-by, and the Tryon Daily Bulletin has been phenomenal, as everyone worried and fretted over her for months, say Foothills shelter officials.

Many people tried to trap her, including the Tryon Police Department, Polk County Animal Control Officer Mike Herman, volunteers and staff from Foothills Humane Society, and several intrepid individuals, some of whom made spectacular flying leaps in her direction, to no avail.

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Numerous traps were set and she was enticed with fresh steak, hunks of beef, sausage biscuits, and many other tasty treats. She was even shot with a tranquilizer dart, but still she managed to elude her pursuers at every turn. &bsp;

So how did they finally catch this blond beauty? &bsp;

A kind and gentle lady by the name of Betty, who had befriended this sweet dog, sat down on the lawn of a house across from the IGA, and when the dog came past, simply took hold of her collar and held on. Betty sat for 45 minutes, holding the dog and talking soothingly to her. &bsp;

Shelter staff member Lani Hasselbring was driving home from work and looking, as usual, to see if she could spot the dog.&bsp; She was surprised and excited to see Betty sitting on the lawn, holding fast to the dog&squo;s collar!&bsp; Lani rushed to get a leash and quietly, with the help of Betty and one of Betty&squo;s friends, lifted the dog into her car. Lani then drove her to the shelter, where she was secured for the night with plenty of food and water and a comfortable, clean bed. &bsp;

The yellow dog, now known as Stevie, was given a thorough examination by shelter veterinarian Sandy Davidson, DVM.&bsp; Although it had been reported that several cars may have grazed her, she was found to be in reasonably good condition, given the circumstances of the past several months. &bsp;

She tested positive for heartworm and will undergo heartworm treatment courtesy of Footills Humane Society. She has been placed into a foster home to work on some of her fears, and to get her healthy again so that she can start a new life in a loving, permanent home.

Foothills Humane Society appreciates everyone who helped Stevie, whether they fed her, cared about her, tried to catch her, prayed for her, or hit the brakes as she ran into traffic! The saga of Tryon&squo;s &dquo;yellow dog&dquo; may be over, but for Stevie, a new life, safe and surrounded by love, is just beginning. &bsp;

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Dana Mayer