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Peter Pickenlooper’s peerless picks for Block House races

Herewith Peter Pickenlooper&squo;s Peerless Picks of the forthcoming happenings at the Block House Steeplechase Races. It is highly recommended that those of you about to take a high flyer on the commodities or stock markets should first earn a little moolah on these sure-fire picks of absolutely guaranteed winners:

1st Race – $15,000 Maiden Hurdles at Two Miles and Three Furlongs:

1. Honour Emblem

2. BK&squo;s Double Jade

3. Mr Pike

2nd Race – $10,000 Maiden Claiming Hurdles at Two Miles and Three Furlongs

1. Sword Of Dubai

2. English Dancer

3. The Manor Born

3rd Race – $15,000 Claiming Hurdles at Two Miles and Three Furlongs

&bsp;1. River Bed

2. Pal&squo;s Pride

3. Bow Strada

4th Race – Block House Steeplechase at Two Miles and&bsp; One Half

&bsp;1. Mixed Up

2. Orchid Princess

3. Dalucci

And&ellip; here is my upset special in the third race:

None other than Fabi&squo;s Legacy; but only if he dumps his jock before the start and takes a tour of the course before being caught.

As for the two amateur flat races, I decline to select a favorite. Rather, I wish them all good luck, a good trip, and our thanks for their sportsmanship.

‐ Pete