Positive Retirement News in a Depressing Economic Climate

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, April 14, 2009

&bsp;While many industries are struggling, one within our local community is thriving and continues to be a beacon of hope and security for area seniors as it has been for the past 17 years:&bsp;Tryon Estates.&bsp; Nationally CCRCs (continuing care retirement communities) such as Tryon&bsp;Estates have experienced a slight occupancy dip due to the economy, but many area seniors are currently taking advantage of move-in incentives.&bsp; &uot;Saving pennies here, there and everywhere will never go out of vogue, but taking advantage of current deals and making smart investments should also be a priority,&uot; said one local retiree.


&uot;Our generation has been around long enough to know that everything is cyclical. We have the wisdom to know things will eventually come around. Fear and in-action are definitely not the answer.&uot; While many seniors have been frightened into purchasing long term care insurance due to recent statistics indicating the average senior will spend three years of his/her life in a skilled nursing center* at a cost of $230,000 (2009 prices) and Medicare only picks up the first 100 days, Type A contracts offered by CCRCs are an alternative to expensive long term care insurance. Type A contracts lock in the lowest rates for assisted living/dementia care for when it will be needed be it 7, 10 or even 23 years down the road.&bsp; &uot;For people who are really worried about outliving their money (and given the turbulent economy who isn&39;t?), Type A is the best choice,&uot; said Financial Planner Margery Schiller. &uot;It provides the most peace of mind because everything is included in the monthly fee. There are also significant tax savings (30-40%) as the entrance and monthly fee may be tax deductible as a prepaid medical expense.&uot;

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While the housing market continues to tumble, area realtors indicate seniors are one of the few who can still make a hefty profit when selling their home because most purchased their property decades ago. &uot;While a property may be worth less today than it was worth on paper three years ago, there is still profit gains for most who have owned their home longer than four or five years,&uot; said one local realtor.Imagine if a health care crisis hits a family member or loved one and nursing home full-time care is needed at a rate of $213 per day. How quickly does this add up to the perceived loss of selling a home in today&39;s market? By refusing/waiting to sell a house now, seniors may just jeopardize their finances. If a crisis did occur, they would still need to sell their house, only this time in an emergency/lower cost situation. A poor housing market and a slow economy are no respecters of a person&39;s health. Health dangers are still lurking regardless of the housing market and the economy, and seniors must be available to live in their own apartment, villa or carriage home upon moving into a CCRC retirement community so time is of the essence.There are those retirees who still like to gamble and don&39;t think they will ever need in-home care or assisted living, but this is a minority, not the majority. Imagine that today (at age 70), a retiree can pay $160,000 for a CCRC Type A life long lease and live securely until well over age 100 for approximately $1900 per month (utilities, 30 meals/month, transportation, events, fitness, health care, etc. included).&bsp; This is certainly positive retirement news despite a depressing economic climate. For more information call 828-894-3083 or visit http://www.actstryon.com/