Polk Democrats offer online information on area environment

Published 3:41 pm Thursday, March 26, 2009

The environment is a hot topic in Polk County, especially since the controversy over the development of Chocolate Drop Mountain in Columbus.

Polk County Democrats say they want to help area residents understand environmental issues in Polk County, so they have provided information on the organization&39;s website, http://www.polkdemocrats.com. Choose &uot;The Environment and Polk County&uot; in the left column.

On the website, the topic is broken into categories: beautification, education, wildlife, recycling, government, water, land and mountaintop protection. &bsp;

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&uot;The Environment and Polk County&uot; is politically neutral. Its purpose is to let area residents know more about the recreational, educational and volunteer opportunities in Polk County so that more people can enjoy and protect these resources. &bsp;

The environment page is also interactive: your comments, photos, suggestions, or corrections are welcome.