Tryon approves $3 million contract to rehabilitate water plant

Published 1:39 pm Friday, March 20, 2009

The Town of Tryon will be starting its water plant rehabilitation project as soon as possible after approving a $3 million contract with Payne, McGinn & Cummins, Inc.

Tryon Town Council met Tuesday and approved the contract, which was lowered about $225,000 since the town&squo;s engineer found savings in the project.

Tryon recently approved approval for the project from the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources to contract the project.

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The town has been working towards the rehabilitation project for the past five years.

The rehabilitation project will be funded through financing and interim town manager Justin Hembree said construction will begin as soon as possible.

The project will enable the town to receive both lake water and former mountain water as well as other needed upgrades to the plant.

Payne, McCinn & Cummins were the low bidders on the project, originally bidding $3,225,000.

Other bids ranged from over $4.3 million down to $3.26 million.

The town approved the bids last November but were awaiting state approval to begin the project.