TLT postpones ‘Hello, Dolly’ due to economy

Published 5:52 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You all know the old theater adage &dquo;The show must go on.&dquo;&bsp; However, in this very tough economy, there&squo;s a P.S.: &dquo;but maybe not just yet.&dquo;

Looking realistically at the demands of mounting a musical as huge as &dquo;Hello, Dolly!&dquo; and then following it immediately with two summer youth shows, one of which is&bsp; the colossal &dquo;Les

Miserables,&dquo; the Board of the Tryon Little Theater (TLT) has decided that common sense says to postpone its production of &dquo;Hello, Dolly!&dquo; hopefully to next season.

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When the current 60th TLT season was planned a year ago, there was no way to know the full extent of the economic downturn coming, so an ambitious season&bsp; seemed ideal to celebrate 60 years. But from the perspective of today, TLT has decided to focus just now on its fifth production of the season, the brilliant play &dquo;One Flew Over the&bsp; Cuckoo&squo;s Nest,&dquo; to play the Workshop March 26-29 and April 2-5. And after that, energies and funds will&bsp; go toward the two youth productions: &dquo;Les Miz&dquo; for older youth ages 12-21, and &dquo;The Hobbit&dquo; for young actors ages 8-12.

&dquo;Hello, Dolly!&dquo; is a joyous show that deserves the best TLT can put forth in cast, crew, sets,&bsp; costumes, music, dancing, props, lighting…and money. So TLT will wait awhile to board that&bsp; train in Yonkers and head for the bright lights of New York City.

TLT season ticket holders will be offered either a refund for &dquo;Dolly&dquo; or a credit&bsp; toward tickets for the 2009-2010 season.

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