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Wolverines claim snowboarding championship

After the snow cleared, Polk&squo;s snowboard team was king of the hill, winning first place in the team championship. The Polk skiers placed third.

Team scores for each discipline were calculated by taking the top three racer&squo;s times each week. Polk&squo;s top three snowboarders were Roland Guggi, Trevor Ennis, and Tucker Ennis. Polk&squo;s top three skiers were Matt Brodie, Sarah Angier, and Martina Carli.

Guggi, an exchange student from Austria, won second place overall for individual snowboarding.

Snowboarders included seniors Guggi, Trevor Ennis, Tucker Ennis, Ethan Sessoms, Jake Johnson, Zach Stone, sophomore Sam Bayse, as well as freshmen Cole Pellatt, Lee Arrington, and Payton Peters.

Skiers included seniors Martina Carli and Jack Mize, juniors Matt Brodie, and Jim Mize, and sophomore Sarah Angier.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;