1,000 cans teach ‘core essentials’ of character

Published 4:43 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Core Essentials Program is coordinated by the school&squo;s guidance counselor, Mrs. Mary Ann Dotson.

Earlier in the school year, students focused on the values of: Knowledge for September, Determination for October, and Gratitude for November. &bsp;

December&squo;s value was Generosity. The K-2 grades focused on &dquo;Look What I Can Share&dquo;, and grades 3-5 emphasized &dquo;A Season of Generosity&dquo;.&bsp; Students created Good Samaritan &dquo;shoebox&dquo; gifts to express the value of generosity and giving to those less fortunate.

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January&squo;s value was Resourcefulness ‐ (using what you have to get the job done), which emphasized &dquo;Limits are recognized and overcome&dquo;, &dquo;Creativity is encouraged,&uot; and &dquo;The process is valued as much as the product&dquo;.&bsp; Students demonstrated this value through the creation of art and writing projects.

The students decided to combine the values of Generosity and Resourcefulness with the Food Drive

Teaching character essentials is a combined effort between home and school, and it encourages students to become caring and responsible citizens.