Standing-room-only crowd in Tryon celebrates inauguration

Published 4:13 pm Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Polk County Democrats, friends of Barack and Michelle Obama and neighbors from around Polk County came together and set a challenging new standard for energy, high spirits and personal involvement as they gathered to celebrate the historic inauguration of Barack Obama as the country&39;s 44th president.

On Jan. 20, standing room only crowds at Kyoto Restaurant participated in both the noontime swearing-in ceremony and inaugural festivities. Then they came out for the first-ever Neighborhood Inaugural Ball in the evening. Special decorations, favors, cake and prizes highlighted the events.

Jean Prewitt brought the crowd to attention, especially the political junkies, to compete in her challenging trivia contest. Competition was stiff, hands up everywhere and the first hands with the answer took the prizes.

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To join in with the Neighborhood Ball in Washington, DC, the dance floor was cleared and dancers danced to the music at the same time that President and Mrs. Obama were enjoying it in D.C.

Many guests went all out to compete for a place on Polk County&39;s first-ever &uot;Who&39;s Who in Inaugural Attire&uot; list. Competition was stiff and started off with Dawn in a gorgeous black and white beaded gown, train and all. Marie Littlejohn came perfectly attired, yet dressed down, in her gilded Obama tee-shirt, matching hat and key ring.

Patricia Jackson dazzled in her &uot;diamond&uot; colored black organza. Jim Johnston was truly historic and timely in his Lincoln stovepipe hat, accented by statement-making plaid shirt and trousers. Jocelyn Davis&39; white shearling coat over black velvet and pearls was classic with a twist.

Tuxedos were scattered throughout the room as were black ties, both adding to the ball atmosphere. Colleen created a stir and buzz in her original inaugural creation. Again, classics were on the scene with Ashley Merritt in her gorgeous brown velvet and pearls. On Chris Farrell we saw red, red and red topped off by an unforgettable feathered hat direct from Austria.

Delightful is the word for the attire of the entire Price family, including their two beautiful daughters.

Ouida Spaulding chose a stunning contemporary swing dress for her entrance. Quiet sophistication was expressed by Pan Goodhand&39;s ensemble and matched by Bob in his striking tuxedo choice.

The competition was too tight for the party to make a decisive choice of winners, so all contestants were certified to hold a permanent place on the Polk County &uot;Who&39;s Who in Inaugural Attire&uot; list mentioned above.

Party goers were photographed with &uot;President Barack Obama&uot; at this inaugural event by photographer of the evening, Alex Hyder. President Obama&39;s 6+ foot likeness was a surprising and stunning appearance.

A theme of the evening was celebrating the grass roots effort that elected Barack Obama, along with the importance of keeping it vital, growing it, and getting the word out that taking an active part in democracy is essential to preserve it for future generations.

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