Deep cleaning in Tryon’s High Road neighborhood

Published 4:11 pm Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One volunteer expressed an interest in creating a High Road Neighborhood Vegetable Garden and another volunteer is interesting in removing objects from the neighborhood that catch water so mosquitoes can not breed. &bsp;

Kipp McIntyre, who worked with the volunteers, said that&squo;s also one of his pet projects. McIntyre has been working to restore the former home of Nina Simone in the neighborhood.

&dquo;If you have ever been in the neighborhood during the spring and summer, you will know the mosquitoes are notoriously large, aggressive and mean,&dquo; he says. Judging by the number of old tires, bottles, cans, and cups we pulled out today‐it&squo;s no wonder‐the little beasties have a nice little nursery each spring down under the kudzu where the ground never really dries.&dquo;

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