Polk County jersey on cover of national catalog

Published 2:04 pm Friday, January 23, 2009

The black, blue, white and grey jerseys won by the Wolverines were selected to grace the cover of the Velocity Athletics catalog this year.

The catalog will go out all over the country.

While the gridiron is not exactly a catwalk in Paris or a runway in New York, football uniforms have seemed to mean just a little more.

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Coaches are taking pride in what their teams wear and they generally send a message.

For instance, Penn State, the University of Southern California and Notre Dame are historic college football programs. The school&squo;s uniforms have changed little, if at all over the years. The uniforms represent those teams that have waged war throughout the years.

Some uniforms are meant to send a message.

Two years ago, Mark Richt&squo;s Georgia Bulldogs football team unveiled all black uniforms.

Some uniforms are used for motivation.

This past season, when Dabo Swinney took over as head coach at Clemson University, he asked the home crowd for an &dquo;orange out.&dquo; The crowd wore all orange and so did the team.

Whether it&squo;s for motivation, intimidation or just pride in how the team looks on the field, coaches are paying more attention now. That is a pride the Wolverines&squo; and Polk fans are learning.

&dquo;It&squo;s awfully exciting to think that high schools all over the country will be looking at a Polk County jersey if they consider Velocity,&dquo; Polk head coach Bruce Ollis said.